ZENITH CHANNEL 065: Pure Zipperist

ZENITH CHANNEL 065: Pure Zipperist
– Mixed by Mike H: 4/6/17

Track Listing:
1. Donovan – Atlantis
2. Tommy Guerrero – Yerba Buena Bump
3. Them – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
4. Paul & Linda McCartney – Ram On
5. Post Animal – When I Get Home
6. United States of America – Cloud Song
7. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Eighteen is Over the Hill
8. Justin Warfield – Guavafishcentipede (Auquatic Meditations)
9. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Stick Figures in Love
10. Women – Black Rice
11. Balue – Man in the Sixties
12. Peter Wolf Crier – Hard As Nails
13. Lord Beginner – Housewives

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