ZENITHCHANNEL 066: Spring Corn

ZENITH CHANNEL 066: Spring Corn
– Mixed by PeteKB: 4/13/17

Track Listing:
1. 13th Floor Elevators- I’ve Got
2. Derrick Harriot- Let Me Down Easy
3. Erma Franklin- Whispers (Getting Louder)
4. Olivia Tremor Control- Define a Transparent Dream
5. Queens of the Stone Age- Vampyre of Time and Memory
6. The Kinks- This Man He Weeps Tonight
7. The Buzzcocks- Everybody’s Happy Nowadays
8. Tammy Wynette- This Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad
9. The Flying Burrito Brothers- Dark End of the Street
10. Ween- Baby Bitch
11. Sandie Shaw- Always Something There to Remind Me
12. Sonic Youth- Unmade Bed
13. Harry Nilsson- Me and My Arrow
14. The Vibrations- Cause You’re mine

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