After All : David Bowie Memorial Mix 2018

After All : David Bowie Memorial Mix 2018
Mixed by Will – 1/10/18
Where the f*ck did Monday go?
And so another year passes us by. Fortunately for us Thursday children the music and memories will forever endure… Hope you and yours enjoy this memorial mix.

You can stream and download the mix from this link too: AFTER ALL
Track listing:
1. It’s Gonna Be Me [Diamond Dogs Reissue : 1974 Original]
2. We Are The Dead [Diamond Dogs : 1974]
3. After All [The Man Who Sold The World : 1970]
4. An Occasional Dream [Space Oddity : 1969]
5. Let Me Sleep Beside You [David Bowie : 1967]
6. The Prettiest Star [Aladdin Sane : 1973]
7. Teenage Wildlife [Scary Monsters : 1980]
8. Heroes [Heroes : 1977]
9. D.J. [Lodger : 1979]
10. Nite Flights [Black Tie White Noise : 1993]
11. You Belong In Rock N’ Roll (extended Version) [Tin Machine II Single : 1991]
12. Shining Star (Making My Love) [Never Let Me Down : 1987]
13. I Can’t Give Everything Away [Blackstar : 2016]

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