ZENITH CHANNEL 046: Keep It Movin’

ZENITH CHANNEL 046: Keep It Movin’
– Mixed by Will: 11/2/16

Track Listing:
1. Billy Strange – All I Really Want To Do
2. The Bachelors – Sweet Sue-Just You
3. The Crystals – Frankenstein Twist
4. The Staccatos – If This Is Love
5. Roy Hamilton – Don’t Let Go
6. Millie Small – Sweet William
7. Sandie – Gotta See My Baby Every Day
8. The Rainy Daze – Try A Little Harder
9. The Monkees – Goin’ Down
10. The Swinging Blue Jeans – Now I Must Go
11. Jack Eubanks – What I’d Say
12. Larry Williams & Johnny Watson – Too Late
13. Judy Street – What
14. Hank Ballard – Unwind Yourself
15. Vicki Anderson – Answer To Mother Popcorn
16. Curtis Mayfield – The Underground (Demo)

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