ZENITH CHANNEL 015: The Edge Of America

ZENITH CHANNEL 015: The Edge Of America
– Mixed by MG: 3/28/16

Our contributor this week is MG (aka Michael Grosse), another long time friend and neighbor of the Zenith Channel crew.  MG has been involved in the Philadelphia music and nightlife scene for many, many moons. From DJing to graphic design to lighting and beyond, there’s very little MG can’t do! His experience, versatility and deep record collection shows here in his first ZC mix…

Track Listing:
1. Sophie B Hawkins – Walking Down Madison
2. The The – Good Morning Beautiful
3. Edwyn Collins – The Campaign For Real Rock
4. Starsailor – Way To Fall
5. The Smiths – Rush and a Push
6. Pulp – Common People
7. Duran Duran – The Edge Of America
8. U2 – Bad
9. Three Dog Night – Black White
10. The Specials – Doesn’t Make It Alright
11. Beats International – For Spacious Lies
12. Queen – Is This The World We Created

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