ZENITH CHANNEL 014: Constant Process

ZENITH CHANNEL 014: Constant Process
– Mixed by JG: 3/21/16

Another long time Philly icon and friend to the ZC crew, JG has many AKA’s: Justin Geller, GFS, Moquita, Pink Skull and most currently Remote Places… and I bet I’m missing a project or two. Needless to say the man is an uber-talented musician and selector- we’re stoked to add him to the Zenith Channel arsenal…

Track Listing:
1. David Holmes – I Heard Wonders
2. Boxed In – All Your Love is Gone
3. The Supremes – All I Want
4. Electrelane – Bells
5. Primal Scream – Shoot Speed/Kill Light
6. Public Image Ltd – Public Image
7. Portishead – The Rip
8. Stereolab – Olv 26
9. Cluster – Heiße Lippen
10. The Space Lady – Major Tom
11. The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows

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