ZENITH CHANNEL 100: Welcome To Centuria

ZENITH CHANNEL 100: Welcome To Centuria
– Mixed by Will: 5/17/18
Two years, four months, and twelve days after the inception of Zenith Channel, we’ve finally reached our 100th “official” ZC mix. Thanks to the handful of you that have been faithful listeners and/or contributors. Quality will always trump quantity. Here’s to 100 more??

Track Listing:
1. Graham Nash – Better Days
2. Robert Lester Folsom – See You Later, I’m Gone
3. Kathy Heideman – The Earth Won’t Hold Me
4. Psychic Ills – Mixed Up Mind
5. Levitation Room – Crystal Ball
6. Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Lou Reed
7. Triptides – Don’t Ask Me Why
8. Richard In Your Mind – Shooting Star
9. Jerry Paper – Kill The Dream
10. EZTV – High Flying Faith
11. Hala – Spoonfed
12. The Shacks – Sand Song
13. Damon – Don’t You Feel Me
14. John Stammers – Hit You From Behind
15. John Andrews & The Yawns – Pennsylvania

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