Hominid Demeanor : A Bjork Bonus Mix

Hominid Demeanor: A Bjork Bonus Mix
Mixed by Heights: 1/26/17
This Bjork bonus mix has been in the queue for too long… enjoy!

Track Listing:
1. I See Who You Are
2. Headphones (0 Remix)
3. Bella Simamaer
4. Joga (Howie B Main Mix)
5. Possibly Maybe (Remixed)
6. Cosmonogy
7. Hidden Place
8. All Is Full Of Love
9. Cover Me
10. Hunter
11. All Neon Like
12. Moon
13. Banin
14. Pearl
15. The Sugarcubes – Ammaeli
16. Pleasure Is All Mine
17. Sweet Sweet Intuition
18. I Miss You (Dobie Rub Part One – Sunshine Mix)
19. The Sugarcubes – Deus (Remix)
20. Nature Is Ancient
21. I Go Humble
22. Solstice
23. Desired Constellation
24. Human Behavior
25. Like Someone In Love (MTV Unplugged 1994)

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