BONUS- Let’s (Not) Work

ZENITH CHANNEL Bonus- Let’s (Not) Work
Mixed by Will : 9/3/16
A really random mix of tunes with themes revolving around all manners of working.
Relax & enjoy your Labor Day USA…

Track Listing:
1. Bob Marley – Slave Driver
2. Steely Dan – Dirty Work
3. The Isley Brothers – Work To Do
4. Shorty Long – The Deacon Work
5. Ruth Davis – I Need Money
6. Lee Dorsey – Working In A Coal Mine
7. The Beatles – We Can Work It Out
8. The Zombies- If It Don’t Work Out
7. Blue Cheer – Money Troubles
8. Grateful Dead – Cumberland Blues
9. The Mark Four – Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
10. Allah-Las – Busman’s Holiday
11. The Brogues – I Ain’t No Miracle Worker
12.  XTC – Senses Working Overtime
13. Members – Working Girl
14. The Police – Dead End Job
15. Tim Hardin – I’ve Been Working On The Railroad

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