ZENITH CHANNEL 006: Morning Glory Day Dreams

ZENITH CHANNEL 006: Morning Glory Day Dreams
-Mixed by Heights : 1/21/16

It’s an absolute honor and pleasure to have Heights in the fold here at ZC.
The game just stepped up a few notches with him on board…

1. Ravi Shankar – “Dreams”
2. Gong – “Heavy Tune”
3. The Rebels – “Wild Weekend”
4. Delia Derbyshire – “Love Without Sound”
5. Yo La Tengo – “Our Way To Fall”
6. Open Mind – “Magic Potion”
7. Tomorrow – “My White Bicycle”
8. Gandalf – “Me About You”
9. Silver Apples – “Ruby”
10. The Cherokees – “Wonderous Place”
11. Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan – “The Visitor From Inner Space”
12. The Wolves – “Lust For Life”
13. Faust – “It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl”
14. Galaxie 500 – “Pictures”
15. Claude Francois – “Belles! Belles! Belles!”

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