ZENITH CHANNEL 001: Beginnings

ZENITH CHANNEL 001: Beginnings
– Mixed by Will : 12/16/15

1. Brian Wilson – “After The Game”
2. Complex – “Lemon Pie Fair”
3. Afterglow – “It’s A Wonder”
4. The Intentions – “My Love She’s Gone”
5. The Hollies – “Do You Believe In Love?”
6. The Animals – “I’m Crying”
7. The Chosen Few – “Funky Buttercup”
8. The Isley Brothers – “Keep On Doin'”
9. Ty Segall & White Fence – “(I Can’t) Get Around You”
10. The Apples In Stereo – “Winter Must Be Cold”
11. Cykle – “If You Can”
12. Ars Nova – “I Was Once”
13. Paul Jones – “The Dog Presides”

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